Amuna bhumidevena

Ragam: Yamuna Kalyani  ( Melam 65)
Thalam: Adi

Arohanam:S R2 G3 P M2 P D2 S
Avarohanam: S D2 P M2 P G3 R2 S

amuna bhUmi dEvEnAkari kim nanu puNyamati dIna sharIrENa

mAnitOyam nanu sarOruha nAbhEna bhAsura suguNA ramENa


Lord Krishna, at once saw Kucela, his childhood friend even from a distance.  He got up at once and embraced Kucela with great fervour and shed tears of joy.  He seated Kucela on a ver own gem-encrusted couch and offered service - Upacara as ordained by tradition.  He smeared Kucela's body with fragrant sandal paste and welcomed him.

'Indeed this fail brahmin must have a lot of good deeds!

To be honored by the lord Saroruhanabha, who is the repository of all praise-worthy virtues, is a wonder indeed!