Registration Guidelines

  1. Participation in this festival is by completing the registration process (Select 'Participants' from the Menu bar and then select 'Registration' from the pull down).
  2. Participants are divided into three segments:
    1. Children
    2. Adults
    3. Group
  3. Categories are classified into three groups.
    1. Vocal
    2. Instrumental
    3. Dance
      1. Bharatnatyam
      2. Kuchupudi
      3. Mohiniyattam
  4. Registration fee for participants:  We charge a nominal fee per participant irrespective of the number of categories he/she will participate.  Please check the registration link for more details.
  5. In the vocal and/or instrumental category, compositions cannot be repeated. Meaning, once a participant selects a composition, that composition/krithi cannot be performed by another individual/group in the same category.
  6. In the Bharatnatyam, Kuchupudi and Mohiniyattam categories or dance category, compositions can be repeated twice. Meaning, same composition can be performed by two participants/groups in the same category.
  7. Selection of krithis is on first come first serve basis and selections are made online by selecting the 'Participant Registration' option under 'Participants' menu item. When you complete the registration process, if a specific krithi is not available, it means another participant/group has already selected the composition/krithi.
  8. Duration:
    1. Children in the vocal and/or instrumental category should limit their performance to under 8 minutes.
    2. Adults in the vocal and/or instrumental category should limit their performance to under 10 minutes.
    3. Participants in the dance category should limit their performance to under 10 minutes. However, if time over 10 minutes is required to accommodate a longer composition such as a Ragamalika. Please complete the registration and send an email with details to
  9. Participants are free to join one or more groups in addition to individual participation.
  10. Each participant can submit one individual/solo entry in each category. If additional individual/solo submissions are required, they can send an email. We will place your request in wait list. Based on the number of registrations received we will, on a first-come-first served basis make our selection and inform you.